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The Technology

One obvious risk factor when cleaning dental implants is to leave foreign material, such as nylon, carbon or other non-inert metals, in an environment comprising of bone, titanium implant and inflamed soft tissue.

The material remnants may cause a foreign body inflammation reaction.

LABRIDA BioClean® is the first implant maintenance device made of a biodegradable biopolymer.

LABRIDA BioClean® consists of a working end made of fast-degrading chitosan attached to a stainless steel stem covered with polypropylene. Any debris left from the chitosan bristles is completely biocompatible. It will dissolve or be resorbed thus not causing any harm to the tissues surrounding the implant.

Chitosan is made from the exoskeleton of marine crustaceans. It is chemically modified and not considered to be animally derived, completely biocompatible and quickly resorbed. Chitosan is used in e.g. surgical bandages and sutures, as a haemostatic agent and as a dietary supplement. It is reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. LABRIDA BioClean® is scientifically documented to be gentle and does not damage the implant or surrounding structures. The material in the fibres is non-allergenic.

LABRIDA BioClean® is used in an oscillating dental handpieces. The recommended rotation speed is 600 – 1000 rpm.

As an oscillating handpiece LABRIDA recommends NSK ER 10, with head TEQ -Y.

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