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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LABRIDA BioClean®?

LABRIDA BioClean® is a dental instrument with a working end made of fast degrading chitosan attached to a stainless steel stem covered with polypropylene. This product can be used in a slow speed rotating or oscillating dental handpiece. The recommended rotation speed is 600 – 1500 rpm (max 2000 rpm). As a slow standard angled handpiece LABRIDA recommends NSK ER4M, with head NRS2 OBE20199. As an oscillating handpiece LABRIDA recommends NSK ER10M, with head TEQ–Y.

Shall LABRIDA BioClean® be used wet or dry?

LABRIDA BioClean® must be soaked in sterile saline for at least 2 minutes prior to use. This makes the chitosan fibres swell, and thus they become soft and flexible, leading to optimal durability.

Can LABRIDA BioClean® be used more than once?

The LABRIDA BioClean® is a disposable implant cleaning instrument. Due to the risk of cross-contamination and for achieving optimal cleaning results, the instrument is recommended to be replaced after cleaning each implant. The instrument cannot be re-sterilised.

What are the advantages of LABRIDA BioClean®?

The LABRIDA BioClean® allows effective cleaning of implants without damaging the implant surface. The LABRIDA BioClean® chitosan instrument is gentle on tissue and does not leave residue that may induce a foreign body inflammatory reaction. The polypropylene covering of the stem protects against damage or discoloration of the prosthetic supra construction.
The patient experiences less pain during the treatment, as well as shorter treatment time.

What are the indications for LABRIDA BioClean®?

The LABRIDA BioClean® is designed for the mechanical cleaning of exposed dental implant surfaces during regular maintenance treatment and to treat inflammation (mucositis) around dental implants.

What is the intended use of LABRIDA BioClean®?

The intended use is regular maintenance cleaning of titanium dental implants. The device is for professional use by dentists and dental hygienists only and is to be used in a slow speed rotating or oscillating handpiece (max 2000 rpm). LABRIDA BioClean® is a sterile, single use device.