Ordering Information

For our Norwegian customers, please contact Technomedics at www.technomedics.no/labrida-bioclean/.

For our Swedish customers, please contact our Swedish sales manager, Lena Sandberg, at lena@labrida.se.

Swedish customers may also contact
Unident at www.unident.se/#/product/LBC2013001, or
Dab Dental at www.dabdental.se/kirurgi/peangernalforaresuturer/731295-labrida-bioclean-p-56252.html

For our Danish customers, please contact Nordenta at

For our German customers, please contact Henry Schein at

For our Italian customers, please contact Omnia at

For our Polish customers, please contact fm Dental at

For our Israelian customers, please contact HA Systems at

For everyone else, please place your order or contact us using the following form:

Please fill out required fields to contact us. We'll get back to you shortly.

You can also send an e-mail to post@labrida.no.

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