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Information on maintaining dental implants for patients.

Regular maintenance of your dental implants is crucial. This will increase the lifespan of your implants and reduce the risk for loss of implant bony attachment.

Dental implants are less resistant to infection than teeth. Recent clinical studies show that around 50 % of implants with long term unresolved inflammation, loose bony attachment already 5 years after installation, which is also known as peri-implantitis. A consequence of this may be loss of the implant. Replacement of lost implants is often difficult, involving for the patient and in a few instances not even possible.

Research shows that regular cleaning of dental implants is important to avoid loss of bone around the implant over time. It is very important that you are seen on a regular basis by your dentist or dental hygienist to disclose any clinical signs of implant disease. If peri-implant disease is suspected a radiograph will be taken to further evaluate the initial clinical finding.

Your dentist or dental hygienist will clean your dental implants two to four times a year depending on presence of clinical signs of inflammation (bleeding, mucositis). Common instruments that are used for regular cleaning of your implants often include the use of metal or plastic curettes or ultrasound machines. Metal instruments may scratch the surface of the implants and plastic curettes may leave remnants around the implant, which potentially may worsen the situation.

LABRIDA BioClean™ is a novel, safe and scientifically proven instrument used by your dentist or dental hygienist for cleaning of you dental implants. The treatment is fast and gentle, and you will experience shorter treatment time and less pain. Dental anaesthesia is often not even necessary. With LABRIDA BioClean™ the risk for damaging the implant surface is negligible.

Your dentist or dental hygienist will tell you more about maintenance of your implants, with optimal recall intervals at the clinic, and home care using toothbrushes and dental floss, to extend the life length of your implants.



Fig. 1. Dental implant with loss of bony attachment 
labrida bio brush2
Fig. 2. Clinical treatment with BioClean™ 
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Fig. 3. The company name LABRIDA is borrowed from the fish species Labrida (lat. Labroides) (a.k.a. Cleaner fish or Dentist fish). Labridas clean other fish from parasites and some even are brave enough to swim in to the mouth of sharks and other predatory fish to clean their teeth

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