Labrida AS


The Team

Thomas Grünfeld (MD, MPH), CEO LABRIDA AS:

  • Grünfeld is trained as a medical doctor with residency training in ObGyn and surgery as well as extensive experience in molecular genetics. He holds an MPH with emphasis on health economics and HC financing systems. His commercial/managerial experience is as engagement manager in McKinsey & Co (Management consulting) in Europe and South Africa, private equity, and CEO of start-ups (e.g. Interagon, spin-off of FAST Search and Transfer, now Microsoft, Inc). Further, Grünfeld manages a larger innovation project on establishing an IT platform for clinical exploitation of high throughput DNA sequencing technologies nationwide in Norway (Public venture).

Caspar Wohlfahrt (PhD, DDS, MSc, Specialist in Periodontology), head of clinical development in LABRIDA AS:

  • Wohlfahrt holds a part time position as Associate professor at University of Oslo, Institute of clinical dentistry, focusing his post-doctoral work on management of peri-implant disease (which is also core for his PhD thesis). Further, he maintains private practice activities as a periodontist, and is a widely used lecturer for dentists on dental implants. Previously, Wohlfahrt has worked as product specialist at Biora AB (now Straumann AG), and is a patent holder of the product TiBrush™, marketed by Straumann.

Anne Karine Wang Haflan (MSc), QA/QC responsible in LABRIDA AS:

  • Haflan holds a Masters in Biotechnology, and has 25 years of industrial experience from R&D, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs from larger “Med Tech” - companies, including Axis-Shield PLC (now Alere AS), Dynal AS (now Thermo-Fisher, Inc.). As an independent consultant, she has supported more than 20 Med. Tech. companies on QA/regulatory matters.

Anne Christophersen (MSc), marketing responsible in LABRIDA AS:

  • Christophersen holds a Masters in Cell Biology, and has 10 years of industrial experience, last as VP BioScience (research products) at Dynal AS (now Thermo-Fisher, Inc.).

Kim Eva Neergaard (MSc), Clinical Project Manager in LABRIDA AS:

  • Neergaard holds a Master in Dentistry from Radboud University, Nÿmegen in the Netherlands. With broad international clinical experience, she also holds a part time position as a general dentist in a private practice.