• Dear partners, collaborators and customers.

    We hope everyone of you are safe and healthy in these challenging times.

    We want  you to know that Labrida is committed to provide the same service level and customer support as usual, although only by phone and through digital platforms. All physical meetings will be postponed.

    We encourage you to

    To contribute to limiting the spread of COVID-19, all Labrida Courses and lectures are postponed or converted to Skype sessions. Please check or facebook for information

    We hope that we all can revert to "Business as usual" not too long from now.
    You are always welcome to contact us!

    Take care and kind regards
    The Labrida team

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    Maintenance is key!

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  • For dentists and dental hygienists

    Efficient maintenance of dental implants is crucial to prevent the development of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.

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  • The Technology

    One obvious risk factor when cleaning dental implants is to leave foreign material, such as nylon, carbon or other non-inert metals, in an environment comprising of bone, titanium implant and inflamed soft tissue.

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  • Patient

    For Patients

    Information on maintaining dental implants for patients.

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