Aerosol free maintenance of dental implants and teeth

Labrida is proud to contribute to safe dental care

The Covid-19 pandemic is demanding for dental professionals in daily clinical practice. Albeit a vast number of new protective measures, the fear of Covid -19 infections is a constant threat during the clinical workday. Local Health Authorities recommend limiting the use of aerosol-generating procedures since aerosols may be a carrier of Covid-19.

SAFE: A test conducted by SINTEF (an independent research organisation in Norway) clearly demonstrated that the use of Labrida BioClean® leads to insignificant release of aerosols. The brush is safe to use and within the guidelines set by the Health Authorities.

SAFE: Labrida BioClean® is a safe and efficient instrument for maintenance of dental implants and teeth. Treatment with the brush is gentle to the implant and tooth surface as well as to the surrounding soft tissues.

SAFE: The working end of Labrida BioClean® is made of chitosan fibers. Chitosan has several well documented properties which makes this biomaterial optimal for regular implant supportive care.

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